Competition for Programmers Organized by the “Infopulse”

Jun 20


A few days ago I’ve participated in the competition for programmers organized by the “Infopulse”, which was held in honor the company being at Habrahabr for one year. There were very interesting puzzles for fans of “tuning up” mind after work.

It was necessary to determine the programming language in 6 tasks, find a line with an error, correct it and justify your correction. The one, who sent correct answers first, was given tickets for the match Sweden-France, a part of our Euro 2012.

The first tasks were only for a start, later they got more difficult, and I struggled for a very long time with the last one. It was an assembler for the DCPU-16, which could only be debugged using an emulator. Oh, the employees of the “Infopulse” company! They have really puzzled a girl 😉

Result: I didn’t win, @MarkAblov was the first to send the right answers, but the competition was informative.