May 06

On May 5, I actively participated in a Saturday work. No, I did not dig and plant and did not even clean a street (not a woman’s business). I participated in Ya.Subbotnik in Kiev organized by the Yandex company.

I liked the following talks most of all:

  • “Modern machine of a HTML developer” on the details of creating and testing web app in Yandex, on cross-browser problems (multiple browsers, customizations, plug-ins, users’ love for night releases and other stuff and how not to shoot your leg trying to please everyone), on the use of additional tools of partner companies and of Yandex (from Yandex utilities I remember only Borschtik, which allows making one CSS-file from many; by the way, I have not eaten borscht for a long time :P), on testing in virtual environment, etc.
  • “API of the Yandex Maps 2.0″ on the new features of Yandex maps.

Also, there were many lectures on the BEM (Block-Element-Modifier) for the fans of this methodology. By the way, I found a clear explanation of the basic BEM principles in the article “BEM 101”.

In the talk on GIT, the lecturer actively encouraged the audience to move from SVN to GIT, motivating it by the “painless” merge (and we, SVN users, know how a brain melts when our branches join) and lots of other amenities.

Result: I was satisfied with the time spent. Friendly atmosphere, familiar faces and interesting information.