Meeting of Habrahabr Readers

Dec 31


The meetup of readers of the Habrahabr community, popular with IT-specialists, was held On December 8. The event was very informal. Beer, peanuts, french fries… and technical presentations:

  • Dmitry Yahov “ITIL, Methodology of IT-management Processes Within the Company”;
  • Andrew Kobylianskii “Multidimensional Computer Graphics”;
  • Sergei Gnidko “Work without Working Capital”;
  • Alexander Shpak “Flexible Development Methodology. Who and why Invented them?”;
  • Igor Petrushenko “Web Forms and Online Databases Constructor”.

The winner of beer barrel

There were quite a few programmers at the meeting; it turned out that Habrahabr readers are mostly system administrators and integrators. It was a nice surprise for me to meet @RReverser  (you can find his blog here); we talked about Windows 8, Windows Phone and other cute .NET-stuff. Also, the organizers played beer barrels in the most honest random way (Anatoly, who was sitting at our table, was the winner).